View of Hanover Crescent from the North Gate

Hanover Crescent Enclosure

Hanover Crescent is one of 3 ‘enclosed places’ in Brighton (UK), the others being Royal Crescent and Marine Square. Within the Crescent are 26 ‘privileged houses’, including the 2 lodges, together with the enclosed road and gardens. The boundary wall, gate pillars and all the buildings within the enclosure are Grade II listed, and the trees are the subject of a Conservation Order.

The pavement, road, gardens and boundary wall of Hanover Crescent are owned by Brighton & Hove City Council although the responsibility for their upkeep remains with the freeholders of the privileged houses.

This responsibility is managed and executed by ‘The Committee of Management of Hanover Crescent Enclosure’ whose members are elected each year at an Annual General Meeting of the freeholders and occupiers of Crescent properties.


The shape and size of the Crescent give it a great community spirit and newcomers find they can get to know most if not all their neighbours in a short time. Good use is made of the green space, particularly in the summer months, and throughout the year there are a number of community events, the largest being the Guy Fawkes Bonfire followed by a number of Christmas and New Year parties.

Refuse & Recycling

Refuse is collected weekly and Recycling fortnightly by CityClean on behalf of Brighton & Hove City Council. The official collection day for Recycling and Refuse is TUESDAY although recently refuse (only) has been collected on Mondays. Collections tend to be made around 7a.m.

You can also download a Recycling Calendar for 2024.

Residents are encouraged to make use of green wheelie bins in order to prevent scavenging of refuse by gulls and urban foxes.

Parking & Permits

Parking within the Crescent is managed by the Management Committee and is outside of the general parking regime in Brighton. Space is limited and demand increases year by year. A system of Resident and Visitor Parking Permits is operated by the Committee and its policing is outsourced to a parking management company.

Buying a Property

If you’re considering buying a property in Hanover Crescent then you’ll also want to know about how the Committee is elected, how finance is raised for the upkeep of the enclosure and what planning controls exist. Click here for FAQ’s

Estate Agents please note: Buying or renting a property does not automatically grant a right to a Resident Parking Permit. See further information in the Parking Regulations.

Drop Us a Line

If you have a question which is not answered by this website or would like to comment on its content then please contact the Secretary of the Management Committee at