Grade II Listed Building and Conservation Area Controls


South LodgeAll Houses, the two Lodges, the Boundary Wall and Gate Pillars of Hanover Crescent are Grade II listed. The original listing application, “Application for listing Hanover Crescent as Grade II, 13th October 1952” can be found here.

The effect of this listing is that no change can be made to any House, including structural changes both inside and outside, the Wall or Gate Pillars without Planning Permission.

This even covers such things as exterior lights and security alarms, so please consult the appropriate department of Brighton and Hove Council in advance of any work.

Conservation and Listed Buildings Department: 01273-292271

Planning advice: 01273-292208 and

Valley Gardens Conservation Area

In addition to being Grade II Listed, Hanover Crescent is also in the Valley Gardens Conservation Area, a map of which can be found on the Brighton and Hove City Council web site:
Map of the Valley Gardens Conservation area.

One of the consequences of being in a Conservation Area is that all the trees are listed and Planning Permission is required to cut back or remove a tree.

Access to Hanover Mews

Residents and Freeholders in the northern half of the Crescent may wish to gain access to Hanover Mews for the purpose of carrying out maintenance to the rear or roof of their building which might for example require the erection of temporary scaffolding.

The Mews is a Private Road and so prior permission is required from the Managing Agents and/or the Mews Directors for such access and liability for any damage to the road or wall will rest with the Resident or Freeholder concerned.

Article 4 Direction

A further consequence for Hanover Crescent being in the Valley Gardens Conservation Area is an ‘Article 4 Direction’ regarding the painting of buildings in the Crescent.

The Local Authority has stipulated that the outside of each building can only be painted with BS 10 B 17 flat finish paint. Details below.

1. All external wall surfaces, including pediments, pipe work, guttering, downpipes etc and including all rendering and boundary walls. BS 10 B 17 (pale grey/cream) flat finish.
2. All exterior woodwork, window frames, sashes and/or casements. Gloss white paint.
3. All architechtural ironwork including balconies and railings. Gloss black.
4. Dormers, dormer windows and other additions above eaves but excluding pediments. BS 18 B 25 (dark grey) masonry paint.
5. Front and basement doors. To owner’s choice any gloss paint.