The Committee of Management of Hanover Crescent Enclosure

The Management Committee, having been duly elected, are thus empowered under the East Sussex Act 1981 section 61.1 and section 65.2 to act on matters concerning Hanover Crescent, being a Privileged Enclosure under the East Sussex Act 1981 (previously the Brighton Corporation Act 1931).

North Lodge PortalHanover Crescent is one of three Privileged Enclosures in Brighton, the others being Royal Crescent and Marine Square. The pavement, road, gardens and boundary wall of Hanover Crescent are owned by the Brighton & Hove City Council, while their upkeep and the costs thereof are the responsibility of the Occupiers and Freeholders of the houses and two Lodges. That responsibility is managed and executed by ‘The Committee of Management of Hanover Crescent Enclosure’, more commonly referred to as the ‘Hanover Crescent Management Committee’ or the ‘Garden Committee’. Hanover Crescent is believed to be the only remaining private road in Brighton. and the boundary wall, gate pillars and all the buildings are Grade II listed.


Each Occupier pays a levy towards the upkeep of the Crescent (the ‘Hanover Garden Rate’). This levy is collected by the Brighton and Hove City Council with the Council Tax. The Garden Rate was originally set by Act of Parliament and any increase cannot be more than the annual change in RPI in the September prior to such raise. The City Council takes a small amount as an admin charge and pays the balance of the levy into the bank account of the Committee of Management.

In addition to the Garden Rate the Management Committee raises additional finance through an annual ‘Crescent Levy’ raised from Freeholders, the level of which is set at each AGM for the coming year.

The Committee

The Committee is established by Act of Parliament, which states that “the committee shall not at any time be more than eight nor less than five of whom the Mayor or such nominee shall always be one”. Any freeholder who owns a property in the Crescent and any  occupier who has lived and paid Council Tax in the Crescent for at least the year preceding the date of the AGM, normally held each May, can vote at the AGM for the election of the Committee for the coming year and be nominated for membership of the Management Committee; the appointment lasts until the following AGM at which the then current Committee resigns and fresh elections take place. Committee members may be re-elected on an annual basis. All freeholders and residents are invited to attend the AGM.


Once elected, the Committee then elects a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.MAuthorities

  1. The Committee has agreed to spent no more than £1000 on a single item without prior approval. Projects in excess of this amount will be voted on at the AGM. If the expenditure is urgent and cannot wait until the AGM, the Committee will seek agreement by circulating residents with the details.
  2. It was agreed at the 2009 AGM that an additional annual ‘Crescent Levy’ should be introduced as the income raised from the Garden Rate through the Council Tax was enough only for maintenance work. The Crescent Levy funds are for improvements to the Enclosure and to build up a contingency fund for emergencies. The Crescent Levy is levied on freeholders on the basis of the net level of Council Tax of the properties owned. Payment is the responsibility of the freeholder of the property. The amount to be paid annually and payment terms are ratified by there present freeholders immediately following the AGM, and subsequently collected by the Committee.


Meetings are hosted in a Committee member’s house on a rotation basis, usually every 2 months, and special meetings can be held at any time.


The names and house numbers of each committee member are made available after the Annual General Meeting, and will be published on this site.

Items for the Committee

If a resident wishes to raise an item regarding the Crescent this should be put in writing and given to any member of the Committee or emailed to the Secretary.


Current Committee Members

Name eMail
Neil Smith parking@
John Hinchliffe secretary@
Paul Farmer treasurer@
Martha Turland
Jasbir Walter
Amanda Papadopoulos   

Chris Carter

Sue Gollifer

Responsibilities and Tasks of the Committee


  1. The Chair is responsible for making sure that each Committee meeting is planned effectively and that matters are dealt with in an orderly and efficient manner including:
    • the determination of the order of the agenda;
    • ensuring that the Committee receives accurate, timely and clear information;
    • keeping track of the contribution of individual Committee members, and
    • ensuring that they are all involved in discussions and decision making.
  2. The Chair should direct discussions towards the emergence of a consensus view and sum up discussions so that everyone understands what has been agreed.
  3. Arrange the AGM, provide and distribute the Agenda, and arrange time and venue.
  4. The Chair may from time to time be called upon to represent the Committee to the residents and external stakeholders.


  1. Arrange committee meetings, issue the agenda for each, and take and issue minutes.
  2. Maintain a register of Committee members.
  3. Arrange the AGM, issue notices, issue the agenda, and take and publish minutes.
  4. Maintain archives.
  5. Sign contracts as required on behalf of the Committee.
  6. Carry out correspondence as required on behalf of the Committee.

Assistant to the Secretary

  1. Assist the Secretary in carrying out the above duties.


  1. Establish and maintain bank accounts.
  2. Maintain detailed and accurate accounts.
  3. Review and set the annual Garden Rate in conjunction with Brighton & Hove City Council.
  4. Collect Garden Rate from Brighton & Hove City Council.
  5. Collect Crescent Levy from Crescent freeholders.
  6. Collect revenue from the issue of Resident Parking and Visitor Parking Permits.
  7. Advise the Committee on the financial resources available for proposed expenditures.
  8. Purchase insurance for Enclosure infrastructure which might be expensive to repair or replace in the event of damage or theft, and limit the liability of the Committee against any risks considered appropriate.
  9. Make payments against invoices for goods and services for the maintenance and improvement of the Enclosure approved by the Committee.
  10. Prepare and present an Annual Financial Report at the AGM.
  11. Prepare annual budgetary estimates for agreement by the Committee for discussion at the AGM.

Committee Member for the Garden

  1. Maintain contact with the appointed gardener.
  2. Carry out regular surveys of the work done and provide ideas for further improvements.
  3. Report issues of concern to the Committee for decision.
  4. Ensure that any decisions taken by the Committee regarding the garden are carried out.

Committee Member for Tree Maintenance

  1. Liaise with the relevant department of Brighton & Hove City Council with regard for the Conservation Order.
  2. Maintain contact with the appointed tree maintenance company.
  3. Carry out regular surveys of the work done and provide ideas for further improvements.
  4. Report issues of concern to the Committee for decision.
  5. Ensure that any decisions taken by the Committee regarding the trees are carried out.

Committee Member for Parking

  1. Organise the production of Resident Parking and Visitor Parking Permits.
  2. Maintain a list of holders of valid Resident Parking Permits and the vehicles to which they are assigned.
  3. Maintain a list of Visitor Parking Passes that have been issued.
  4. Issue Resident Parking and Visitor Parking Permits in accordance with the parking regulations.
  5. Liaise with the Parking Company as required.
  6. Liaise with Committee Member for the Website to ensure that we have a single list of contact⁄email records.

Committee Member for the Website

  1. Maintain and develop the Hanover Crescent website with content agreed by the committee.
  2. Maintain secure email lists of committee members and all residents to assist with communications.