Parking in the Crescent

Please also read the Parking Regulations.

We have an agreement with One Parking Solution Ltd to manage the parking in the Crescent. They have agreed to visit the Crescent on a regular basis and check all parked vehicles. Any vehicle not parked in accordance with the Parking Regulations can be issued with an on-the-spot Parking Charge Notice (PCN). Parking charges are shown on the notices in the Crescent.

Please understand that the regulation of parking and the use of a Parking Management Company are for the benefit of residents of the Crescent and their visitors.

The Committee will not intervene on behalf of a resident or visitor once a car has been issued with an on-the-spot PCN. We receive none of the monies raised by One Parking Solution through their management of the parking.

The following vehicles will be exempted from such charges:

  • Fire, police, or ambulance liveried vehicles when being used for official purposes.
  • Vehicles being used by a doctor/midwife/district nurse on call and displaying a BMA badge or Health Emergency badge with the address showing that they are away from his/her normal place of work.

Parking Register

The Parking Register is operated and run by the Management Committee; it is not available to the Parking Management Company. This is not public information and does not come under the remit of the Data Protection Act.

Resident Parking Permits

Please note that Resident Parking Permits are not issued automatically to new residents; they are only issued in line with Allocation of Resident Permits of the Parking Regulations).

New Residents wishing to apply for a Resident Parking Permit should send the following information to

  • Your name and house/flat number
  • Car registration number
  • Colour Make and type of vehicle
  • Email address
  • Telephone contact number.

Each Resident parking permit is numbered and registered to a particular car and residence.

From time to time a check will be made to ensure the number on the permit matches the vehicle registration shown on the Register. Any discrepancy will be brought to the attention of the resident to whom the permit was issued.

When a person leaves the Crescent and is no longer a resident they must hand in all Resident and Visitor Permits to a member of The Committee; permits cannot be transferred direct to a new resident.

Change of Vehicle

When you (a resident) change your vehicle you must send the following information to

  • Your name and house/flat number
  • Previous car registration number
  • New car registration number
  • Colour, make and model of vehicle
  • Email address
  • Telephone contact number

A new permit will be issued and the old permit must be surrendered to the Management Committee.

Visitor Parking Permits

The Visitor Parking Permit is for temporary use only. Each permit is numbered and issued to an individual resident/dwelling.

We have asked One Parking Solution to inform the appropriate committee member if it appears that a Visitor permit is being used for long-term parking. The committee would then contact the resident to whom the permit was originally issued to review the situation as laid down in paragraph 3 of the Parking Regulations.