The charges you will pay will depend on whether you are a freeholder/leaseholder or are renting a part or all of a property:

  1. Garden Rate: A Garden Rate is added to the Council Tax collected by Brighton & Hove City Council from each Council Tax payer occupying a property in the Crescent. The amount of Garden Rate for each taxpayer is in proportion to the amount of Council Tax paid (approximately 3.5%) and is collected by Brighton & Hove City Council on behalf of the Committee and is primarily used to fund the day to day maintenance of the Enclosure.
  2. Crescent Levy: A Crescent Levy is also levied on freeholders and leaseholders of Crescent properties, whether or not they are occupiers of the property. The amount of this levy is set annually by the Committee and is used to primarily to fund infrastructure projects within the Enclosure. This levy is also made in proportion to the Rateable Value of each property. The amount to be raised each year is proposed by the Committee at each AGM, and voted upon by the freeholders and leaseholders there present. The total amount to be raised through the levy for 2019/20 was agreed at £17,500 which is approximately 17.5% of the basic Council Tax amount for the property (exclusive of the Garden Rate).
  3. Parking: Cars may only be parked in the Crescent if they are displaying a valid Resident Parking Permit or Visitor Parking Permit. There is an annual charge of £5 for each Resident Parking Permit issued, and a once only charge of £15 for each Visitor Parking Permit which is registered to a property and may be passed on from one occupier to the next. For more information you are strongly advised to read the “Parking” page of the Crescent website ( and the Parking Regulations (

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